How to DIY a solar power station for solar beginners?

by HuangAlex on Jan 04, 2023



I would like to report on the construction of a self-built solar powerstation, which proves that even a layman like me can build without prior knowledge.

The main components are

Two 12V/100Ah/1280Wh rechargeable batteries.
12/220V 1000W sine wave voltage converter.
Solar charger 40A.
Two 100W solar panels, but I will expand to four panels in the near future.
A battery voltmeter.
Redodo 12v 100ah lifepo4 battery Solar power station

The system consists of three parts, namely the power station box, the solar charger and two LiFePO4 batteries. The LiFePO4 batteries can be changed in seconds and no tools are needed. the Powerstation Box holds one of the two batteries while the other can be charged or used for other purposes. This means you only need to transport the batteries, not the entire Powerstation Box. The two batteries are connected by alligator clips for quick replacement without tools. The cable is short and 25qmm, which is thicker than the 100A requirement. The cable plug is M8 and the alligator clips are specified for 100 A. I have placed a couple of fuses so everything is safe. Anyway, components like LiFePO4 batteries and inverters have their own built-in safety devices. These batteries have a built in BMS and safe non flammable LiFePO4 technology so I don't have to worry about using them at home. This battery technology gives me a charge cycle rate of over 2000, which makes them more durable than typical LiFePO4 cells. There are several batteries on the market that fit my purpose and specifications, but in the end I went with Redodo Power (same as Zooms) because they have some good reviews and value for money. Thanks to the 12V voltage, nothing will happen if you accidentally touch a pole, while the dangerous 220V voltage is housed entirely within a commercial voltage converter. The box weighs about 14 kg, which is light considering its 1280Wh capacity.

The entire self-built modular power station is much cheaper than a commercial power station. The modules include - two interchangeable batteries - a charge controller module - a power station box. The batteries can be quickly interchanged between the power station box and the solar charging module. While one battery is in use, the other battery can be recharged. In addition, it is easy to build a second power station box. These batteries can also be used directly for 12V DC equipment such as camping, car or RV equipment. Additional batteries can easily be added to the setup. If you want to charge the batteries conventionally from a power source, you can simply connect them to a separate commercially available battery charger.

Redodo lifepo4 deep cycle battery Redodo lifepo4 battery

Redodo 12V 100Ah lifepo4 Redodo 100ah battery


There are many instructional videos available on the Internet. Because of their flexibility, self-build power stations can be scaled up as needs change. For my purposes, 1000W is more than enough. If you only need 500 watts, it is cheaper to use smaller components and thinner cables.


I use the following Youtube video as my main source of information.

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