Need Some Help With Choosing the Best Suitable Battery for You?

We're here to help. All Redodo lithium batteries share some features in common, including:

Grade-A Cells

4000+ Deep Cycles

5-year Warranty

3-7 Working Days Delivery

Lifetime Technical Consulting Services

Before Choosing the Battery, You Need to Know

 1. Choose your suitable voltage platform

Depending on your RV or home energy storage system, choose the voltage platform that suits you—12V, 24V or 48V (you can also get a 48V System by connecting in series).

2. Know your needs about load

Know the total load power of the appliances you need to use at the same time. The maximum load power of the battery system should be greater than the total load power of the appliances you use at the same time.

3. Your expected runtime of the battery

The runtime of the battery = Energy/Load Power, Energy = Voltage*Capacity. That is, runtime = (Voltage*Capacity)/Load Power. For example, if you use appliances with a total load power of 640W over a period of time, then a 12V 200Ah battery can run the apppliances for about: (12.8V*200Ah)/640W = 4 hours.

Compare Models

12V 50Ah12V 100Ah12V 200Ah12V 200Ah Pro12V 200Ah Plus12V 300Ah12V 400Ah24V 100Ah
Nominal Voltage12.8V12.8V12.8V12.8V12.8V12.8V12.8V25.6V
Max. load power640W1280W1280W1280W2560W2560W3200W2560W
Recommend solar panel configuration≥250W≥450W≥900W≥1000W≥900W≥1300W≥1800W≥900W
Recommend inverter power≤1000W≤2000W≤2000W≤2000W≤3000W≤3000W≤4000W≤3000W
Recommend LiFePO4 Battery Charger14.6V 10A14.6V 20A14.6V 40A14.6V 40A14.6V 40A14.6V 60A14.6V 80A29.2V 20A
Maximum series and parallel connection4P4S4P4S4P4S4P4S4P4S4P4S4P4S4P2S
Max Capacity Expansion10.24kWh20.48kWh40.96kWh47.104kWh40.96kWh61.44kWh81.92kWh20.48kWh
Max Power output Expansion10.24kW20.48kW20.48kW20.48kW40.96kW40.96kW51.2kW20.48kW

Still have other questions?

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