Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW
Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW

Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery | 5.24kWh & 3.2kW

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【4 Times Capacity & Good Value】Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 built-in 250A BMS with max. 3200W power and max. 5248Wh energy. Generally, 1*12V 410Ah equals 4*12V 100Ah, which can save time and cost for extra wires to expand the energy and no need to balance the voltage. Solid and practical for almost 100% of devices, power tools, and even larger appliances such as electric stoves and electric microwave ovens. PAY LESS, GAIN MORE!

【100% Reliable Performance】Redodo 410Ah LiFePO4 battery 12V is built with Grade A LiFePO4 battery cells with a UL certificate, and the new technology ensures the superior quality of the battery. 4000 (@100% DOD) -15000(@60% DOD) cycles and a 10-year lifespan, even after years of use, the power is still durable and stable, and the quality is as new as before! At the same time with a powerful BMS protection, and a safety factor of 5 stars. The long-lasting power for every single use of outdoor adventures and home use.

【Giant Energy System & Up To Max. 83.968kWh】Redodo Lithium Iron Phosphate battery 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 batteries could be expanded to max. 4P4S(16*batteries, S refers to Series, P refers to Parallel) as a 51.2V 1640Ah battery system. The max. energy is 83.968kWh. The capacity is 1*410Ah=4*100Ah, while the volume is 1*410Ah≈2.5*100Ah (100Ah: L13W6.82H8.44inches; 410Ah: L20.47W10.59H8.66 inches), which helps save the space. For unexpected weather extremes, it is the first choice as a home backup power.

【Various Charging Methods】Redodo 12V 410Ah LiFePO4 battery supports recharging by solar panels, DEDICATED LiFePO4 battery charger with DC output voltage 14.2V-14.6V and electric generator (a DC-DC charger is needed). With 250A max. continuous charge/discharge current, it supports safe and fast charging. The low self-discharge rate and working perfectly with green solar make it become the first choice of safe and environmentally friendly energy to protect our earth.

【1-8 Working Days Shipping & Outstanding Service】The local warehouses enable around 1-8 working days delivery time in the Canada. With 5 years warranty, 24 hours one on one customer service, and lifetime technical support, buying Redodo batteries has no worry!

【Note】Redodo 12V 410Ah lithium battery can be connected with Redodo 12V 400Ah lithium battery.
尺寸: 1 pack
1 pack
Redodo 12V 400Ah deep cycle solar batteries -2
Redodo deep cycle 400ah battery -3
Redodo 12.8V 400Ah 4000+ deep cycle battery 12V
Redodo 12V 400Ah lithium battery with charger

40Amp LiFePO4 Battery Charger

Regarding the charger, we recommend battery charger that supports LiFePO4 battery charging. To fully charge the battery, the DC charging voltage should be between 14.2V~14.6V, and charging current less than 100A. And we usually recommend 0.2C charging current, that is 40A charging current and it will cost around 5hrs to full charged it.

Redodo 12V 400Ah solar storage battery

Green Solar Charging

Recommended Solar Panels: ≥600W, it will cost around 1day to full charge it, as the effective light time is 4-5hrs per day)

Redodo 12V 400Ah lithium lifepo4 battery

Generator Charging

We suggest that you add an 40A DC to DC charger if you use the generator to charge the battery

Redodo 12.8V400Ah deep cycle battery 12volt
Redodo 12.8V400Ah recycling lithium batteries

Model comparison

12V 50Ah12V 100Ah12V 200Ah Pro12V 200Ah Plus12V 300Ah12V 410Ah24V 100Ah
Nominal Voltage12.8V12.8V12.8V12.8V12.8V12.8V25.6V
Charge Voltage14.6V14.6V14.6V14.6V14.6V14.6V29.2V
BMS Board50A100A100A200A200A250A100A
Max. Load Power640W1280W1280W2560W2560W3200W2560W

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